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History of KKWCT


The Kiwikiwi Whanau Charitable Trust (KKWCT) was founded in 1996 and obtained Certification of Incorporation in 1997. The Settlor of the Trust was Maurice Penney. The founding Trustees were Wayne Stokes, Maurice Penney, Trevor Kelly, Wayne Blair, Frederick Dawson, Sandra Starr, Leon Penney, Janette Gill and Keith Penney.

Current Trustees:



Our wider whanau has various shareholdings in blocks of land around the Bay of Islands, from our tupuna Remana Kiwikiwi. With the exception of the Kaurangapa Urupa, these blocks are managed as Ahu Whenua Trusts which means they are run along commercial lines with the aim of generating financial benefit for shareholders.

These Trusts also exist to protect the taonga of the land for future generations and function under current New Zealand laws where once hapu would have exercised customary rights. The future direction of these Trusts in terms of profitability and the distribution of financial gains to shareholders is dependent on shareholder/beneficiaries actively participating in Trust affairs.

The Trusts of relevance to the Kiwikiwi whanau include:



This whanau trust benefits the Kiwikiwi whanau specifically, by holding and managing beneficial interests or shares in Maori land or general land owned by Maori.


This land covers 1008 hectares and is one of the most successful farms in the area. It is the land adjoining SH16 on the left hand side between Pakaraka and Puketona junction. Profits go back to the farm for operation and sustainable expansion, and to a grant fund administered by the Trust. Grants are available for over 60s, and for education. Shares need to be succeeded to for any grant application. This can be processed through the KKWCT or through a whanau trust.

Kiwikiwi whanau shown as shareholders include: Edgar, Emily , Henry , Isaac & Florence, Joan, Te Rangihiroa, Rose and Samuel Penney  |  Maraea, Mereana, Tare and Paora Kiwikiwi  |  Rena Nepia


This is the triangle of land as you come into Paihia from Puketona Junction/Haruru Falls on the left running towards Waitangi and the shore. It includes the site of the supermarket, the camping ground and Te Tii marae. Income is derived from leases on the land for houses and businesses. There are 251 original Tupuna represented with shares that have not been succeeded to and are still in the name of Remana Kiwikiwi, as well as his mother Marara Ngahiwi.

The following Kiwikiwi tupuna from the original list associated to our whanau include:

  • Hohepa Hemi, Hakuene Hemi, Kerara Hemi, Moe Hemi, Pene Hemi, Ruku Hemi, Tame Hemi and Wiri Hemi



Remana Kiwikiwi is one of the 16 original Tupuna listed as owners of the Kaungarapa Urupa. The site is located at the back of Pouerua and access is via the property of Lindsay and Melita Grey. A meeting of owners and representatives in 1998 decided that a Maori Reservation should be established to protect the historic and spiritual significance of the site administered by a Trusteeship. This means that there is a freeze on the existing shareholding as it is and succession is not possible.


Photos courtesy of:

  1. Oromahoe Trust
  2. New Zealand Archaeological Association
  3. New Zealand Waterways


Oromahoe Marae

Pouerua – Ariel View

Lake Omapere, Pouerua in the background.


This land lies behind Moerewa and Kawakawa running back towards Kaikohe. It is mainly leased to Carter Holt Harvey for forestry. The assets are considerable and the Trust generates income and has grants available for education and support to health services. To be eligible for election as a Trustee, you must be a shareholder. For this reason, we believe it would be wise to succeed the shares into individual Whanau Trusts or the Kiwikiwi Whanau Trust, succeeded into the name of the individual interested in representing the whanau of Remana Kiwikiwi.

There are many Kiwikiwi whanau names identified in a very long list.

Amelia Dawson, Ann Evans, Colin Penney, Dennis Bryan Penney, Dorothy Lemon, Edgar Allan Penney, Edward John Penney, Emily Penney, Emere Remana 11, Emere Jensen
Hare Paora Remana Kiwikiwi, Harold Penney, Henry Penney, Isaac and Florence Penney Whanau Trust, Joan Penney, Kathleen Jenkinson, Kenneth Harry Remana, Maraea Remana, Marara Remana, Mary Jane Evans, Melody Fay Wade, Nellie Cooper, Paora Remana, Patricia Lemon, Raewyn Munro, Ramari Lemon, Rangi Lemon, Rangihiroa Penney, Rex Douglas Penney, Robert Lemon, Rose Penney, Stewart Alfred Lemon, Tahre William Lemon, Tare Remana

Ngati Rangi administers the land known as Maungaturoto D1A and others located in the Ngawha area, between Ohaewai and Kaikohe. The aggregated blocks include land known as Pakonga, Waiwhariki, Mangatawai and Puketapu. This trust has been involved in controversy recently with the building of the new prison adjacent to their land. The KKWCT generally supported this location for the prison as it has and will continue to provide jobs for locals, as well as inmates and their whanau having the facility located close to home, rather than in Auckland or further south. Income for the Trust is derived through leasing part of the land to local farmers for grazing. 

Our current whanau representative is Kathryn Starr. A list of Kiwikiwi whanau shareholders includes:

Bobbietta Fisher, Charmaine Helen Smith, Colin Frederick Penney, Craig Geoffrey Sutton, Dennis Brian Penney, Edgar Allen Penney, Edward John Penney, Emere Remana 11, Emily Penney, Harold Penney, Henry Penney, Hohepa Kiwikiwi, Isaac and Florence Penney Whanau Trust, Joan Penney, Kenneth Harry Remana, Kiwi Hemi, Lawrence Eric Phillips, Maraea Remana (Evans), Marara Remana (Dawson), Mei Dawson (Major), Melody Fay Hogg Wade, Nelly Phillips, Neville Sydney Stokes, Paora Remana (Kiwikiwi), Raewyn Diane Munro, Rex Douglas Penney, Rose Penney (Miller), Tare Remana, Te Rangihiroa Penney.