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Trustee Meetings
Kiwikiwi Whanau Charitable Trust - Hui a Tau - Annual General Meeting 
Sat, 24 Sept, 2016
11am Arrival
12pm Shared lunch
1pm AGM
Held - 31 Clapham Rd, Whareora, Whangarei
For more details contact Erin Shanks, 021 0884 0336 -
All welcome!!!
Registering to vote for Tuhoronuku representatives
The crown has officially recognised the Tuhoronuku Independent Mandate Authority (Tuhoronuku IMA) as the entity to represent all Ngapuhi in treaty settlement negotiations. This process will involve the opportunity for all 109 recognised hapu to elect a representative (hapu kaikorero) and for Ngaphui in 4 Urban areas ( Auckland 2, Wellington & South Island) to also elect a representative.

To vote in these elections you need to be:

1)     a registered member of Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi (the Runanga) which can be done through their web site

2)     register using the “register to vote form “ available on the site
Helpful hints to complete the registration forms:

  • Whangai - basically if adopted
  • Hapu- for each Hapu you affiliate to you have a right to vote for that Hapu Kaikorero. Be sure to include Te Ngare Hauata (Kiwikiwi main hapu)
  • Marae- not compulsory but for Ngare Hauata Oramahoe would be best
  • Whakapapa- it is only necessary to record your Ngapuhi lineage line which may only be through one of your parents.
  • Provide copies of the supporting documents – not originals (only if you are completing the “register to vote form”).
  • Email completed forms or fax is best.
  • For those who wish to register with the Rununga:
  • No form of ID is required to be sent with the enrolment
  • The Primary Takiwa (area which you associate with) for Te Ngare Hauata is Taiamai ki te Marangi


I encourage all whanau to participate in the election process and suggest you register as soon as possible.

Erin Shanks, Chairperson

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